The Graphics Worm

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A graphics worm in its simplest format is a continuous collaborative horizontal image. artists and designers alike create one seamless piece of work by creating individual pieces of work of a certain dimension blending it seamlessly with the previous design


Twitter perfectly sums up the ethos behind the Graphics Worm, Community, Continuous connections that bring together a variety of styles artists and mediums.

Is this only open to Graphic Designers?

No! That’s the beauty of the worm as long as it seamlessly transitions between each piece, Artists, Designers, Illustrators even photographers can get involved

How Long Will The Worm Be?

As long as people are signing up and contributing the worm will keep going, the aim is to create a continuous image will all members of the twitter design and artist community

How Do I Get Involved

Simply sign up here you will then be prompted with a confirmation email and added to the waiting list, Once it is your turn you will either be contacted by said email or Direct Message via Twitter to ensure you are able to complete your submission within the time frame.

Click Here to See the Worm so far